Anonymous asked: your stuff is awfully cute. wcif the 8-3 studio plush pig recolor and the dino mobile shown in one of your nurseries? ty :-)

Many thanks, kind stranger!

The pig recolour is by Danimaree, unfortunately everything on her DW has been deleted. I had a google and she hasn’t been active for a few years (about 2 years from what I found on GOS). I only have the blue recolour but I uploaded it here (obviously I’m not claiming that it’s mine and if I found out Danimaree is active I’ll take it down).

The nursery mobile comes with the game (not sure which EP), I think it’s in the miscellaneous decorative category.

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It’s coming back to me~

Really digging the Sims 4 CAS, I’m really fond of the aesthetics. I found the whole sculpting thing a bit frustrating at first, guess it just takes getting used to.

Does anyone know if a sim’s neck can be made wider/smaller, or is that it just controlled by the fitness/body type slider?

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I’m getting all mushy inside~image

Howling at this kids face, I’m yet to see him smile.

Kinda in love with this itty bitty kitchen.

I think that cushion is hilarious and I intend to make one IRL.

Anonymous asked: Can you PLEASE share the floorplans of this building? /post/89956184826 <3

This is the floor plan at the moment.

The ground floor’s likely to change when I move sims into it (especially the conservatory bit, I don’t think it’ll suit an open-plan).

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Anonymous asked: WCIF the pile of books and the sofa in this post? /post/86243048901

The pile of books on the floor are by Maron and from this set, I think. The armchair is a recolour, by Goat, of a Kativip mesh available here.