Selfie Sunday!

Surprised my hair is still slightly curled from work and drinks last nights. Feeling a little groggy tbh.

Hello, hope everyone’s been well~

Had a bit of time to play/decorate today. You can tell I’ve been spending a lot of time in my studio, look at all the white.

Treated myself to a little bit of sims today.

Hey guys! Here’s a little offering for all my lovely followers, because I love you. This is one of my favourite hairstyles irl and Nymphy’s curly texture looked quite cute on it.

The mesh worked for teens to adults, so I only ran 16 of Pooklet’s natural colours (no greys). I also ran 9 of AlfredAskew’s colours (I nabbed Alfred’s swatch and included it in the zip for those unfamiliar with their colours, hope you don’t mind Alfred!) It’s all compressorized, binned and mesh is included.

Just to let you know, here’s occasional clipping on the shoulder with this mesh, but it’s no biggie. Hope you like ‘em!

Credits: Pooklet, AlfredAskew, Nymphy, Nouk, Pinketamine and Julie J.

Downloads ahoy!

Download Pooklet’s natural colours

Download AlfredAskew’s unnatural colours

marons asked: Happy birthday!!! :DDD <3 May everything you wish for come true! ^^

Hehehe thank you! ^_^

skeleton--song asked: Hi lovely! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and good luck with your foundation course. It sounds like you're going to have a great two months. :)

You have no idea how much this made me smile. I can’t believe you know my birthday, I thought I’d kept it a well-guarded secret :P Thank you, my dear!

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