Howling at this kids face, I’m yet to see him smile.

Kinda in love with this itty bitty kitchen.

I think that cushion is hilarious and I intend to make one IRL.

Anonymous asked: Can you PLEASE share the floorplans of this building? /post/89956184826 <3

This is the floor plan at the moment.

The ground floor’s likely to change when I move sims into it (especially the conservatory bit, I don’t think it’ll suit an open-plan).

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Anonymous asked: WCIF the pile of books and the sofa in this post? /post/86243048901

The pile of books on the floor are by Maron and from this set, I think. The armchair is a recolour, by Goat, of a Kativip mesh available here.

simprovisation-deactivated20140 asked: Such a lovely Simblr! And you look so adorable on your selfie! :))

Oooh you’ve made me blush~ I’m so glad you like my simblr, thank you!

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Anonymous asked: WCIF the door and the wallpaper in the left? /post/87005327331

The wallpaper is part of this set and the door’s from a Silent Hill conversion here (it’s part of the ‘Room 205’ download).

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This was supposed to be a starter home (ahahahaha), but I go carried away using all the nice new stuff Crispsandkerosene’s made. I also attempted a conservatory-thingy on the back.

My internet connection has been awful this last fortnight, so I’ve been building things.