I’m moving for university tomorrow and we don’t have internet at the house (yet). Then there’s freshers week and starting the course, so I’m gonna be busy getting settled for a while.

Hope you all stay well and I’ll see ya in a month or two.

Just to put into context how enthralled I was with this game, I made a cup of tea 3 hours ago and forgot to drink any of it. I’m really upset with myself now.

Anonymous asked: Wow that ramen shop is gorgeous!!! Fingers crossed for a upload....!

Thank you lovely anon!

But I wouldn’t dare upload the ramen shop as it is, I’d dread to think how many MBs it would be. If you’re interested in the shop though, I’d happily upload the building with only the exterior decor (however it’s quite a dull layout). I’ll need to check out creator’s policies though before going ahead.

Instead can I supply you with links to where I got the majority of the clutter/decor?

8ksims - Really good Japanese furniture and decor, they made a variety of zabuton’s (floor chairs) and low tables that function correctly. Google is your friend when you’re sorting through their files/trying to find out what they are (my many years of reading manga and watching anime finally paid off here), looking at them in simPE also helps as well.

8-3 Studio -  In particular their ‘Hibati De Oyatu’ set. Really sorry if you’re just wanting that set but the download link is for all 8-3’s stuff. 8-s used to have individual set downloads on their microsoft/outlook account, but either 8-3’s removed them or the site’s deleted them.

Najimu - Lovely, lovely stuff. So happy when the creator started up again, but they’re working under a different name now. I seriously recommend looking through the folder and pictures and downloading some of the pretties if you haven’t already.

They’re all dead sites btw, but all hail Sims Cave for being ON IT and preserving the lovely creations. 5eva luvin u Sims Cave <3

Hope this helps anyway~

 anitka-sims replied to your photoset
I love how it looks :D

Thank you, I’m really pleased with it myself :)

Ohh gee thank you~

Exterior of the ramen shop.

I copped out with the landscaping.

Anonymous asked: Where can I find the wallpapers here: /post/96011112051 and here: /post/95840226201? Thank you.

Here (biggin’ it up for Simscraftman, everything they make is amazeballs) and here.

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Anonymous asked: How you do that?! Where can I find the roof? — /post/96034814001. Thank you.

Here, my lovely!

It’s the second post down (for some reason you can’t see the text on Maron’s tumblr when you view individual posts) you wont miss it, it’s the one with all beaUUUtiful previews/scenary shots~

I used the bridge roof in my wip (there’s two versions of the roof in the download flat and arched (aka bridge roof). It’s best to have the cheat ‘boolprop snapobjectstogrid false’ typed in when fiddling about with Maron’s pretties :)

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Getting good vibes from this build so far.


Howling at this kids face, I’m yet to see him smile.

Guys, he finally smiled!image

dirk-dreamer said: Aww Dani was one of my faves, this makes me so sad. She has a simblr that is *slightly* more up to date, but she hasn’t updated it since November.danimareesims.tumblr.co…

Thank you for the info Jessy! Same, her interior decorations always inspired me. I was quite sad when I saw her DW empty. I’ve given her tumblr a follow so that I can see if she comes active again (hope she does because her ts3 interiors look beaUUUtiful) ^__^