Ohh gee thank you~

dirk-dreamer said: Aww Dani was one of my faves, this makes me so sad. She has a simblr that is *slightly* more up to date, but she hasn’t updated it since November.danimareesims.tumblr.co…

Thank you for the info Jessy! Same, her interior decorations always inspired me. I was quite sad when I saw her DW empty. I’ve given her tumblr a follow so that I can see if she comes active again (hope she does because her ts3 interiors look beaUUUtiful) ^__^

It’s a retexture by me, it’s available here :)

Ah well, at least I’m not the only one who thinks that :’)

I completely agree! The wall is from a set by lagritsalammas over at GOS here, if you’re interested in them ;)

Anonymous asked: i'm working on a 30's/40's inspired neighbourhood and i was wondering if you could maybe list a few places where i might be able to find content (whether it be objects or clothing or whatever!) i noticed a lot of your projects seem so beautifully dated and i really admire your style so i thought you might be able to help. <3

Oh thank you :’) Yep I’ve got a heap few sites for you.


CuriousB (her wallpapers are a definite must)

Nilou (old site) Nilou (new site)

HCove (Mid Century set)

Lalabubus (one of my favourite sites for objects/walls)






Amaryll (especially her layer-able cardigans)




Shannanigan (one of the good ones of TSR)


Also try the GOS secret santa and Chrismas in July threads and the Big Trade-off on LiveJournal, they’re packed with goodies. I Hope those links keep you busy ;) Thank you for the lovely compliment!